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The Sai Residency PG , established in 2006 is located within the Republic, of, 1106, Sector 14 Main Rd, DLF Colony, Sector 14, Gurugram. PG affairs are co-ordinated
under the guidance and supervision of the resident Owner. The Owner is assisted by PG. The PG committee under the chairmanship of the
Mr. Praveen frames the rules and regulations of the PG and is the final authority in matters concerning the PG.

Due to the limited seats, PG admission has always been a sought-after Room. The fact that Room are only granted to the meritorious Person provides an
assurance about the quality. Sai Residency aims to provide a convenient and a comfortable stay for the outstation person. Also, it works to
minimize the cost in terms of time so that the sai residents can use the same for other significant purposes. The girls’ hostel also satisfies the vital objective
of ensuring safety of girls.

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